The most important things to research before making your first purchase on a new shop

The most important things to research before making your first purchase on a new shop
Manolo 16 October 2023

When planning to make a purchase from a website, especially if it's a platform you haven't used before, you should take a bit of research to ensure they're making a wise decision. 

Here are ten important aspects you investigate

Check Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • You should always look for customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase. This will give you a good idea about the quality of the products and the reliability of the website. Reviews provide real insights from customers who have already purchased and used the products.
  • In addition to the overall rating, pay attention to the number of reviews. A higher number of reviews often indicates a more reliable average rating. Also, look for patterns in reviews, such as common praises or complaints to get a broader understanding of what to expect.

Examine Product Descriptions and Images

  • You should thoroughly check the product descriptions and images. Detailed descriptions and clear, high-quality images can provide a better understanding of the product you're considering, helping to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Also, check if there are multiple images from different angles and videos showcasing the product. This can provide a more accurate representation of what you're buying and reduce the likelihood of disappointment upon delivery.

Perform Price Comparisons

  • You should compare prices across different platforms to ensure you're getting the best deal. This will not only help you save money but also get a sense of the market value of the product.
  • Additionally, consider the inclusion or exclusion of shipping costs in the prices displayed. Some websites may offer lower product prices but have higher shipping fees.
Shipping costs and delivery times

Inquire About Shipping Costs and Delivery Time

  • You should look into the shipping costs and estimated delivery time to ensure you receive your items when needed. It’s always good to know when you can expect your order and how much you’ll have to pay for shipping.
  • Moreover, check if there are expedited shipping options, especially if you need the item by a certain date. Some websites offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount, which might be worth considering.
Understand Return and Exchange Policies

Understand Return and Exchange Policies

  • You should thoroughly understand the return and exchange policies before making a purchase. Knowing the process and the timeframe within which returns or exchanges can be made is crucial in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Additionally, check if there are any restocking fees, and who is responsible for the return shipping costs. This information will help you avoid unexpected expenses in case of a return or exchange.

Check Available Payment Options

  • You should check the available payment options to ensure your preferred method is supported. It’s important for a smooth transaction process.
  • Moreover, look for any payment incentives offered by the website, such as discounts for using a particular payment method, which can also help you save money.

Evaluate Customer Service

  • You should ensure that there’s a customer service team available to assist you. Check if there are multiple channels through which you can contact them, like email, phone, or live chat.
  • Also, look for customer service responsiveness by reading reviews or even reaching out with a pre-purchase question. A good customer service experience can significantly enhance your overall shopping experience.
Check website security

Ensure Website Security

  • You should make sure the website has secure payment gateways and protects user data. Look for “https” in the web address, which indicates a secure connection.
  • Additionally, check if the website has clear privacy policies explaining how your data will be used and protected. This will help ensure your personal and financial information remains safe.

Look for Social Proof

  • You should look for social proof like testimonials, mentions on social media, or even endorsements from known personalities. This can give you a better understanding of the website's reputation.
  • Additionally, check if the website has been featured in any reputable publications or has received awards in its industry, which can also be a good indicator of its credibility.
Social website for ecommerce

Read the Terms and Conditions

  • You should always read the terms and conditions before making a purchase. This will provide you with a clear understanding of your rights as a consumer and the website’s practices.
  • Also, check for any hidden fees or conditions that might apply to your purchase. It’s better to be fully informed than to encounter surprises later on.

Taking the time to make informed decisions while shopping online is crucial, and patience is a key part of this process. 

The allure of instant purchases can be tempting, but without adequate research, you might end up with products that don't meet your expectations or encounter unexpected fees. 

Slow down and take the time to go through customer reviews, compare prices, and understand the policies of the website you're purchasing from. 

Enjoyable shopping experience

Thoroughly inspecting product descriptions and images, as well as investigating shipping costs and delivery times, will also contribute to a more satisfactory shopping experience. 

Remember, a hasty purchase may lead to regret, while a well-considered one is likely to result in satisfaction.

Furthermore, a patient approach allows you to avoid impulsive spending, helping you stick to your budget and make thoughtful choices

It's also wise to take a step back and reflect on whether you truly need the item, and perhaps even wait a day or two before finalizing the purchase. 

During this waiting period, you might come across better deals or reconsider the necessity of the purchase. 

With the vast array of options available online, taking a little extra time to ensure you're making the right decision is a wise practice.

Your patience will likely be rewarded with better purchases, less buyer's remorse, and a more enjoyable shopping experience overall.