Oriflame Catalogue is originally a Swedish based company which offers not just cosmetics but an entirely new outlook on beauty. Beautiful skin, healthy products and a balanced fun filled lifestyle amongst other things is the drive of this brand, “it is the beauty of Sweden''. 10/01 Born in Sweden in 1967 and made its way in the Nigerian markets as far back as 2014, the enticing brand has since taken roots in competitive markets in major states and cities across Nigeria like Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Enugu, etc. The most recent to be added to the Oriflame catalogue is the 2023/10/01 New Fairness essential line of Body Lotions, masks and scrubs, and face cream. This goes for superior health care and skincare discounts.

Offering these products in many states across Nigeria, with distributors in Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Kaduna, Calabar, Ogun, Ondo, Delta, Edo, Imo, Enugu and Ilorin among others. Oriflame offices are opened twenty fourhours a day,seven days a week! Please visit the official website, ng.oriflame.com, for more details.

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